Audio Description

AMCLLC provides audio description services to assist the impaired in enjoying media content.  Audio Description (also known as video description, described video, descriptive video service (DVS), descriptive video information (DVI) and descriptive narration) makes your video accessible to millions of blind and visually impaired individuals. During the natural pauses in the dialogue, a narrator describes the essential visual elements of the scene.

We provide audio description services that are effective for programming going to broadcast, DVD/Blu-ray, certain Streaming VOD platforms, and online distribution. Audio description is accessible on broadcast programming via a secondary audio channel (SAP), and on DVD/Blu-ray media via a talking menu option. On Streaming VOD platforms, it is typically accessed via a settings menu.

We have an experienced team of description writers, voice talent, and audio engineers that will efficiently and professionally describe your program. Also, we can provide you different audio description assets, such as a timed script, a description-only track, a mixed track, or a broadcast-ready master with closed captions and audio description.