Mathematics Knowledge AIde

Mathematics Knowledge AIde is an AI application solution developed by Africa Media Consortium, LLC to help students improve their math skills and assist teachers in creating lesson plans, generating mathematics problems and solutions, and generating teaching syllabus. The application is a simple chat application which is developed to be beneficial to anyone with value for mathematics. The application which can be invoked by typing “Annie Etta”, is really your own personal mathematics genius. It provides a personalized learning experience for students and helps them understand complex mathematical concepts with ease.

Some of the features of Mathematics Knowledge AIde includes:

  • Lesson Plan Creation: Mathematics Knowledge AIde provides a comprehensive platform for
    teachers to create lesson plans. With natural language, teachers can create engaging and
    effective lesson plans.
  • Math Problem Solver: Mathematics Knowledge AIde is a powerful math genius and problem
    solver that can solve a wide range of math problems. The application uses advanced algorithms
    to provide step-by-step solutions to complex math problems.
  • Syllabus Management: Mathematics Knowledge AIde can assist teachers to generate instruction
    syllabus. With natural language, the application can assist teachers to create and refine the
    instruction syllabus.
  • Mathematics Knowledge Base: Mathematics Knowledge AIde has a vast knowledge base of
    mathematical concepts and formulas. With natural language, the application will provide
    detailed explanations of mathematical concepts and formulas, making it easier for students to
    understand and apply them.
  • Easy Integration: Mathematics Knowledge AIde is a Microsoft Teams native app as it was built
    as a cloud-based chat service on the Microsoft Teams platform. It can be easily integrated to
    various platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype etc.

Mathematics Knowledge AIde was developed using advanced machine learning algorithms that can
provide customized feedback to users to help them improve their math skills. It also provides teachers
with a range of tools to create engaging lesson plans, and accomplish many mundane tasks.